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Moving Detroit Forward As We Go Into 2012

December 28 2011 | no comments

As we head into 2012, what do we have to do to move forward as a city, a region and a state?

Detroit 2020 sat down with the man who can perhaps best answer that: Sandy Baruah, the President and CEO of the Detroit Regional Chamber.


Detroit 2020 talked with Baruah about a number of topics, including the importance of the auto industry, a new bridge to Canada,  and working together in this region.

Baruah supports Governor Snyder’s plan to build a new bridge to Canada. “If we don’t build it, someone else will.  Western New York, Ohio.  Somebody else is going to build a more robust transportation system between the United States and Canada.  Right now we’re on the busiest border crossing on the planet, between Michigan and Ontario.  Why we’re not doing a better job of capitalizing on that is a mystery to me.

Baruah says our ability to work together in this region is our biggest opportunity, and our biggest challenge. “We all have to understand that unless we all band together, no matter where we live work or play and focus on the Detroit region the rest of the world is going to pass us by, and we have too many assets, we have too many good things going on for us to let that happen.

What does Sandy Baruah see in Detroit 2020?  “We’re going to be a city people want to come spend time in because we’re a fun city, we’re a safe city, we’re an attractive city and we have economic opportunity.  If we do those things and we’re on the path to do those things, in 2020 people are going to look back on 2011 and say, wow look how far we’ve come, but 2011..that’s the year Detroit got its mojo back.”

Click here to go to the Detroit Regional Chamber website.


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