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Gov. Snyder Meets With Emerging Jewish Leaders

October 13 2011 | no comments

The future of Detroit and Michigan in 2020 rests, largely, in the hands of our younger adults.  So Governor Rick Snyder took advantage of the opportunity to meet with about 60 emerging Jewish leaders.

The setting was the home of Arthur Horwitz, publisher of Detroit Jewish News.  Co-host was Lena Epstein Koretzky.  She says, “I knew there was an important opportunity for the young emerging Jewish leaders of Michigan to talk with our governor.

Governor Snyder shared her enthusiasm, “This is our future.  I’m excited to be here.  It gives my energy just to see all the young professionals, young people fired up about what’s going on in Detroit and Michigan.”

After a series of informal introductions, Governor Snyder was invited to speak to the group.  He talked about the reasons he stayed in Michigan and the need to mentor others.

Governor Snyder took questions on a wide range of issues from immigration to attracting good teachers to preserving the Great Lakes.  It was the kind of forum the governor says he enjoys, “It’s much better to have a dialogue because I can learn as people ask questions and make comments and I can do continuous improvement of what I’m doing but also focus on how we can reinvent Detroit and Michigan.”

By the end of the evening the governor and the emerging leaders had learned a bit more about each other.

In concluding, Lena assured Governor Snyder, “We commit to relentless positive action wherever we can to support the Jewish community and the support the state of Michigan.”

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