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View of Detroit: Before & After D2020 Bus Tour

September 01 2011 | 1 comment

Detroit 2020 took a group of 13 people who seldom go into Detroit on a tour of the city.  We interviewed some of the participants before the tour and again afterward.

We were surprised (and pleased) at what a difference the tour made in the way our participants viewed Detroit.  We’ve included some of the interviews here.

Marc Barringer

Marc is from St. Clair Shores.  When he wrote to us he told us he didn’t really know a lot about Detroit.  See what he has to say now that he knows a little more.


Mary & Bob Welden

This couple moved to Tecumseh to get away from the crime in Wayne County.  They seldom go to Detroit and were very reluctant to take their children there.  That may have changed.

Sean & Candice Howland

This Warren couple didn’t feel safe going into Detroit.  There were places they would have considered going, but were reluctant to drive through the city to get to their destination.  Our bus ride may have helped put the city’s problems in perspective for them.


Susan & Becky Lough

This mother and daughter from Canton occasionally go into Detroit for sporting events.  But crime reports prompted 15-year old Becky to say she would never go back to the city.  See what she says after the tour.

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  1. Anitria Coach September 2, 2011

    I loved the Detroit2020 bus tour! Im glad that citizens from other cities had the chance to see what Detroit can really be about, Detroit is Fun Historic and also Educational.


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