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How Much Do You Know About Race?

August 04 2011 | 5 comments

What determines a person’s race?  Is it skin color, hair texture,body structure or facial features?  Are dark skinned people with straight hair the same race as dark skinned people with kinky hair?

Race mean more than physical characteristics.  It has historical and cultural dimensions that some say are even more important.

The American Anthropological Association has developed a Race Quiz.  It’s an on-line questionnaire that tests our understanding of differences in people.

Click here to take the test.

You can click here to take another quiz — this one is on sports and racial stereotypes.

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  1. christina acker August 4, 2011

    well i think every body is the same race because god made us all the same so that is why i think we are all the same race.


  2. Renee August 5, 2011

    I think that we are all the same ‘human’. We are all human being. We look different but have the same blood types, the same organs in our bodies and other similarities based on what is in the inside. I think our skin pigmentation comes from where we originated i.e. Ireland, Africa, Asia, etc. I think the climate (i.e. rainy/cloudy, sunny/hot, etc.) is what determines many things concerning our skin color, hair texture, physical features, etc. It doesn’t matter to me what shade a human being is or where he or she is from all people or all shades do the same thing. There are those who work and take care of their family, those who are welfare, those who rape, steal, murder, molest, etc and they are from all different shades; it is not just one shade of people doing things. I for one just wish that it wasn’t so much tension and adversity but, I have a tall order… I wish we would not only stop committing race-on-race and human-on-human crime against on another but, live and allow others to live without fear that some shade of person will do something to or take something from the other. I wish you all well.


  3. Darlene618 August 9, 2011

    I am a black woman. East Indians are not the same race as the African race. Both races have dark skins, but their nature, culture and life experiences are different. It is more than just saying that everybody is a human being. Everybody does not have the same blood type, physical features, land origins and nature. The white, black, Native American, Chinese, East Indian man is NOT going to look at the world the same because their nature, mindset and life experiences are different. The world is not going to treat each man the same because of the color of their skins, culture, and life experiences. Each man is going to see world from a complete different prespective. Do not get me wrong. Differences is a good thing! However, we can not ignore that certain people of different races have suffered and still suffering than other races on Earth such as the black race. Africans and African-Americans suffered more than all the races on Earth. The white/Jewish race is at the top and African-American race is at the bottom. Simple as that!


  4. meme1 August 10, 2011

    Cleary most people do not read. There are 7 races on the planet. You can identify these races by the number of chromosomes they have in their DNA. You can be any race, color, etc., and identify culturally or historically with individuals of others races, as it is about the experiences you share which make you alike(i. e. Americans are all types). However, when we start looking at the cellular level we notice variations. We are all very similar genetically, and have nearly the same DNA information in our cells.


  5. Loki August 12, 2011

    mostly about only one race


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