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Exclusive: Matt Moroun On Bridge Battle

February 04 2011 | 12 comments

Channel 7′s Stephen Clark sat down for a one-on-one interview with Matt Moroun of the Detroit International Bridge Company.

His father is the owner of the Ambassador Bridge, and wants to build a second span next to the current bridge.

If you think there should be a second span of the Ambassador Bridge, instead of the Detroit River International Crossing, contact the Canadian Minister of Transport.

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  1. Major Guy February 5, 2011

    I have a thought possibly a resolution. Would Matty Moroun agree to building a new span but it would only be a replacement bridge. The Replacement Bridge would include expanded lanes for Trucks and cars separating the 2 , Matty would have to agree to a new plaza on canadian side and will also include a mass transit rail for example light rail( That rail will extend into downtown ). Moroun, Michigan and Canada have to look towards the future think big vs putting limitations… just to clarify Replacement means the Ambassador will have to go.


  2. Neal Belitsky February 5, 2011

    The Detroit Windsor Tunnel remains one of the busiest passenger and commercial crossings between the US and Canada hosting over 4,000,000 vehciles per year.

    The Tunnel serves the needs of the tri-county area in Southeast Michigan and the greater Windsor-Essex County area in Ontario.
    N. Belitsky
    Detroit Windsor Tunnel
    American Roads


  3. Zef February 5, 2011

    A new bridge next to the old bridge still does not address the bottle necks at both ends of the border. Doesn’t address security if something happens at one of the plazas. Doesn’t take truck traffic out of residential neighborhoods, where 10,000 trucks idle at twelve (12 ) stop lights every day ( by the way, the ONLY stop lights between Toronto and the Mexican border! ). And, doesn’t help Just In Time delivery, as the DRIC would by creating a direct link from I-75 to the 401.

    Matty has a monopoly that brings in over $100 million a year, in which he paid $30 million for 32 years ago. As a business owner myself, i suppose i would really be afraid of any competition that would threaten my money machine. But, progress and new 911 security concerns can’t be ignored or stopped.

    WXYZ should make sure they give an opportunity for the simple questions to be addressed, clearly.


  4. Zef February 5, 2011

    The questions are, how does a second span, that shares the same Plazas and entries address the issues?

    SECURITY? What options are there for trucks if something happens at one of the Customs Plazas?

    JUST_IN_TIME DELIVERY? How does Ambassador address bottlenecks at both plazas?

    ENVIRONMENTAL? 10,000 trucks per day flow through residential neighborhoods in Windsor, idling at twelve (12) stop lights ( the only stop lights from Toronto to Mexico ).


  5. Liz February 5, 2011

    The media trys to make Matty Mouroun sound so terrible because he put out one business that was leasing his property for years. This bait company leased, they did not own the property. Yes, its sad to put someone out of business, but they didn’t own the land.

    The bridge being built by a private company with their own funding and hiring of Michigan employees VS. a bridge costing the taxpayers money, hiring canadian employees and displacing a good amount of residents and businesses in a very poor town. What is there to think about????


  6. yeffers February 6, 2011

    I would prefer to go the private sector route, but my worry is that Moroun has not lived up to his promises in the past and has basically thumbed his nose at prior agreements with the state in regards to the I75 interchange, taken City of Detroit property just because he thinks he can etc. He seemingly thinks the courts don’t apply to him. I don’t trust them.


    yeffers Reply:

    And Stephen, why was none of this brought up in the interview?


  7. Chris Vander Doelen February 7, 2011

    The message is clear. If government builds this bridge it will be so badly done that cost over runs will run wild!

    LET the private sector build it.
    We don’t need anymore government interfering in the business of Detroit/Windsor!

    God bless MATTY and his fight for FREEDOM AND CAPITALISM and NOT SOCIALISM!


  8. Darnel February 7, 2011

    We do NOT need some “HAND OUT FROM CANADA” to get this bridge built.

    We are getting CHARITY from CANADA??? THAT IS TOTAL BS!!!

    The Matty spend his dime and not ONE tax payer dime!


  9. Hype Currie February 9, 2011

    Regarding the proposed Detroit Riverfront International Crossing (DRIC), I support that project being green-lit.

    The DRIC project can go further than currently planned. Designers of the bridge and crossing area should incorporate a light-rail train to go over the bridge, either through the center or along the periphery. Incorporating a light-rail train into the bridge will allow for pedestrians to go from Detroit to Windsor, Ontario and back, whether for work, for business, for school, or recreation and tourism.

    Having a rail component built into the bridge will lessen the burden on the car and truck traffic that will already be intense once the bridge is completed and available for public use. A flat fare can be charged just like the other crossings. U.S. Homeland Security and the Canadian equivalent would have full authority for incorporating comprehensive security measures.

    Having a rail line as a part of the bridge can only increase economic prosperity for not only Michigan but Windsor, Ontario/Canada. Funding can be sought from corporate and individual donations; outreach could be done for collaborative foreign partners, as this bridge would indeed be a beacon of multinational trade.


  10. As an american citizen and truck driver I think only a mis-informed person would fight against a second bridge across the river. Thia is just another case of 1% trying to run the lives of the other 99%. GREED is all it is. Let’s build the other bridge across the river.


  11. Informed January 30, 2012

    I’m horrified to learn that Channel 7 interviewed Matt Maroun, who is able to state the case of the 1% but has spent little time explaining the real facts of the debate. Besides not reporting the fact that the DRIC will create jobs and that Canada will foot Michigan’s half of the bill, which will be repaid via tolls after completion, I haven’t heard them report on Maroun’s belief that he’s above the law. The senior Maroun has repeatedly ignored court orders and shown no regard for national security issues. A crook is a crook, no matter how well he spins his lies and how much money he can spend to advertise them. I’m not a supporter of Gov. Snyder, but he’s on point on this issue, a those who’ve taken the time to truly learn about this issue well know.


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