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City Of Gold

January 28 2011 | 6 comments

“City of Gold” is a love song to Detroit by the rapper Draetown.

Channel 7′s Stephen Clark talked to Draetown, and as you’ll see, he really loves his hometown.

Things aren’t always as they seem.

Take “City of Gold “for instance. At first glance it appears to be your typical rap video chock full of heavy beats and attitude. But take a closer look and you’ll see there are no thugs, drugs or booty shaking that you might expect to find in a rap video.

In fact look, and listen more closely and you’ll realize “City of Gold” is a positive love song to Detroit by a rapper named “Draetown.”

“I love Detroit with a passion,” Draetown says, “I really love my hometown.”

Draetown knows rap gets a bad ‘rep’ sometimes. Just as he understands Detroit has a bad image, too.

“What saddens me is when I hear from my peers and colleagues the different things they say about Detroit. No one ever says anything positive about my hometown. Nobody ever acknowledges that Detroit was once a great city.” Draetown says.

So he’s set out to change that misconception by giving the world a fresh look at the Detroit he loves.

From behind the wheel of his beloved F-150 to Cass Tech high where he graduated, the song and video highlight the best Detroit has to offer. Faygo pop, the Lions, Tigers and Redwings all feel Draetown’s love. Barry Sanders, Barry Gordy, Joe Louis and even Mike Illitch get shoutouts in “City of Gold.”

“There’s a pride in the city of Detroit,” Draetown beams. “You’ll be happy with what you find if you look deeper.”

Speaking of looking deeper.  Take a closer look at Draetown and you quickly find he isn’t what he seems either. At 6 foot 5, 305 pounds dressed in his flat-billed ball cap, oversized jacket and saggy jeans he looks the part of your typical rapper. But Andrae Townsel is so much more.

The son of a career line worker at Ford, Andrae graduated from Cass Tech with a football scholarship to Howard University in Washington DC. He went on to earn his masters degree in Education. He’s now enrolled in Howard’s doctoral program with his sights set on becoming a school superintendant someday. Maybe even back in his hometown of Detroit.

In his spare time he is a high school teacher and football coach and plays professional football in the Arena Football League.

“I don’t have the thug attitude,” Andrae points out. “Because I would be lying if I said I was any kind of thug. If I walk anywhere with my pants pulled down or a big gold chain on I would be imitating because that’s not me. That’s not what Draetown is all about.”

No, things aren’t always as they seem.

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  1. Keva Sailor January 28, 2011

    SCREAMING! ! ! ! ! ! ! OMG! ! ! i sooooo Love it. . . .Born &
    Raised in the “D”, Live & Die in the “D” ___& U guys Just showed & told Every1 y. . .. . :)
    This,. . . .Is Good


    DRAETOWN Reply:

    I’m glad you liked it!!


  2. Nikki Stephan January 28, 2011

    Kudos to Draetown for doing so well for himself and for having such pride for his hometown.

    I’m loving the Detroit 2020 stories! Keep up the good work. :)

    ~ Nikki


  3. Julian Bond January 29, 2011

    I’ll probably end up saying this a million times over via Twitter :) but GREAT story and music video/song with “City of Gold”.

    I’m huge hip-hop fan myself and a supporter of all things positive for the city of Detroit. So this piece is easily the best of both worlds!

    Keep up the great music Draetown & awesome job once again from the Detroit 2020 crew & Stephen Clark.



  4. Jen Richmond February 1, 2011

    Amazing piece, thanks for sharing!! Draetown is awesome!!! Thanks to all for the positive buzz, I am so happy we have a cool, fun positive rap for the city.


  5. Joe D. July 11, 2011

    Love it! Keep reppin’ the D and Cass Tech! One!


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